Frederich's Honey

Dec 19, 2023Kaitlin Shears

Frederich's Honey Beekeeper

Fredrich’s Honey, nestled in Cedar on Vancouver Island, has been crafting liquid gold since 1966, ensuring every drop of honey is packed with the authentic taste of nature. Fredrich’s Honey has been providing unpasteurized honey, pollen and propolis on Vancouver Island since 1966. Theo Sr., founder of Fredrich’s Honey, remembers being captivated by his neighbor's bees as a youngster in Odessa, Ukraine. This initial fascination led him to become a beekeeping apprentice in Germany by the age of 14 where he honed his craft under one of the largest beekeeping operations in the country. Current owners Chester and Jaclyn are proud to continue the legacy of Fredrich's Honey and Theo Sr.

Did you know that on Vancouver Island, our local bees work their magic for about 3 sweet months, from late May to mid-August? Over the short season, the honey changes in color, texture, and flavor as the nectar gathered reflects the seasonality of plants in bloom. When May hits, Fredrich's hives embark on a little journey, making pit stops at nearby farms to lend a helping wing in pollinating crops like blueberries, cranberries, and apples. Once the valley's spring bloom diminishes, the hives are moved to higher mountain elevations, where the majority of nectar comes from fireweed and fir trees.

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