Connecting you with BC farmers, foragers and fishermen for the freshest & healthiest ingredients.

From the farm to your table.

✓ Easy Ordering

✓ Quality Ingredients

✓ Reduce Waste

Savor Local

As a member, you gain access to our extensive network of local farmers and food producers. Say hello to fresh, sustainable ingredients and supporting local.

Sustainable Living

By choosing local, you're taking a stand for sustainability, reducing your carbon footprint, and preserving the beauty of Tofino and Ucluelet.

Give Back

Your membership dues contribute to vital community initiatives - stocking local food banks, providing nutritious meals to hospice patients & local schools, and donating to those in need.

Join the Community

Join a community of like-minded food lovers, chefs, and home cooks. Share recipes, experiences, and your passion for local flavors.

Richard NorwoodTUCG Member

If you're thinking about becoming a member, just do it. The quality is far and above anything else in or out of town. Pricing is reasonable and you're supporting local businesses. Win win.

Nancy OwenA Snug Harbour Inn

Love Love Love my TUCG orders... and so do our guests!

NikkiTatlo Road Farm

TUCG is our largest customer. They sell a ton of food for us, making the process of getting food from our farm to chefs & restaurants easier. We no longer need to attend farmer’s markets every weekend to sell our produce, and we can focus our efforts on what we love most – farming.

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